Home Automation- A Key To Smart & Stylish Homes

    Refurbish your lovely abode with the inclusion of domotics by enabling remote monitoring and management of electronic appliances. There has been a revolutionary change in the lifestyle with a steep rise in the need to fully automated spaces. If we turn a few years back automated homes were seen as nothing more than a science

    Work Your Way to Ergonomic Workplaces

    “Design is not what it looks like design is how it works” -Steve Jobs A very influential quote from Steve Jobs really makes us realize the significance of comfortable office spaces. As workplaces are productive spaces where prudence meld, people work and brainstorming takes place which boosts creativity that impacts business in a positive way

    Insights into Fuori Salone 2018

      Excella Global, the sourcing and procurement partner of many international hotel chain groups, corporate spaces, residencies and other hospitality industry segment became part of the grandeur at Milan Design Week 2018. The Fuori Salone, one of the biggest design events in the city was held from April 17-22 in Milan, Italy. The design event encompassed

    Salone Del Mobile Milano 2018

      Salone Del Mobile, an international podium for the furnishing and design sector held from 17-22 April 2018 in Milano MI, Italy. The event attracted major furnishing firms, design houses and interior designers from around the world. Excella Global, global procurement and sourcing service provider is proud to be a part of this amazing event

    5 Ways to Design Your Space With Scandinavian Style Furnitures

    The revolution in the design industry has travelled really far from gothic or Victorian styles to modern and complementary styles. In this new era the parameters of design have shifted from heavy textures, bold dark colours, and stately environment to simple, aesthetic, light interiors. Scandinavian design is  a modern design that evolved during the 1950‘s

    4 Tips To Help You Achieve More Eco-Friendly Green Interiors

    Sustainable design practice is the need of the hour, be it deciding on the materials to use in a building or achieving sustainability through working out the small details. When it comes to interiors, there is no doubt about the variety of options available in the market today. Be it flooring, wall finishes, cladding, decorative


    7 Breathtaking Christmas Theme Ideas for this Holiday Season

    With the festive season, everyone has moved to a happier zone. But we can’t forget it is still a challenging time of the year as far as decorating is concerned. Are you looking for design inspiration for the holidays that make people feel nostalgic, yet refreshed, preparing them for the coming year? We’ve compiled a


    7 Key Principles an Interior Designer Must Always Keep in Mind

    Successful architecture and interior design projects aren’t based purely on creativity, although that’s a very important part of it. There are some basic principles every design professional must keep in mind, which are the cornerstones of flawless interior spaces. The right combination of these principles and the 7 elements of interior design (Space, Line, Form,

    6 Features Every Architect Needs to Factor in while Planning a Family Home

    A house becomes a home when it fully reflects the homeowners’ style and preferences. Architects and interior designers alike, often hit a roadblock when doing so for large families with members from different age groups. Parents and children have varied needs when it comes to supervision, shared spaces and even privacy and they have a

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