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A house becomes a home when it fully reflects the homeowners’ style and preferences. Architects and interior designers alike often hit a roadblock when doing so for large families with members from different age groups. Parents and children have varied needs when it comes to supervision, shared spaces and even privacy and they have a unique personal style that needs to be incorporated into the design plans. Read about the various aspects that need to be kept in mind while designing all inclusive yet dynamic living spaces for growing families.

1. Multi-functional Rooms

Multifunctional rooms are super important and essential in homes with growing kids. The room has to be able to seamlessly transform as per the needs of the residing family without having to go through constant renovations every few years. The answer to such a problem? Flex rooms with transforming furniture!

Gone are the days when Murphy Beds used to be a novelty. The design has progressed to be able to convert a seemingly simple centre table to a dining table that seats six. Global procurement specialists have extensive experience in procuring such creative interior design solutions from across the globe so you get easy access to an endless variety of products to meet varying design needs for every age and gender.






















Image Source: http://www.duitang.com/blog/?id=251566642

Another added benefit to flex rooms is concealed storage options. This is definitely a plus point to remember when designing for families with children.


2. Open Living Spaces

Rather than choosing well-defined areas in a house, the idea of open living spaces is being well received. It helps for easy transitions and is especially preferred by parents with children as it enables easy supervision. Each individual area is visually connected to make the home seem larger and the spaces are defined by the furniture and decor reflecting its intended purpose. These spaces connect to each other without obstructions creating a minimalistic interior design.


Image Source: homedesignlover.com

3. Centralized Kitchens

As we all know, kitchens are an integral part of any household – more so in a house with kids. Having a central kitchen makes day to day functioning and multitasking much simpler as it is a common meeting area for all the family members. It needs to accommodate multiple needs at any given point in time.

Something as simple as a chalkboard on one side of the kitchen island keeps the kids busy freeing parents to concentrate on multiple tasks.


Image Source: www.housebeautiful.com

Or go with a fun new digital twist,

Image Source: homes.nine.com.au

4. Study Nook

Every house needs a quiet zone, for the thoughts to flow. A study nook is the most suitable for families with children, the study nook works for homework and timeouts. What’s better is the ability of this room to later be converted into a personal library or office once the kids are all grown up. Or even a hobby room. The possibilities are limitless!


Image Source: www.houzz.com

5. Multipurpose Outdoor Spaces

Irrespective of the size of the available yard area, there are multiple ways to make it more inviting and entertaining for children through their growth years. When they are younger a simple playpen makes for a safe environment for the kids to interact with the outside world, as they grow older, it can be substituted with a small swing set or a makeshift basketball court etc.


Image Source: www.naibann.com

6. Connected Rooms

Houses with multiple clustered/connected rooms are highly preferred by large families. The connected spaces make supervision easy, but also provide added privacy, giving parents the much-needed rest and relaxation required after a long day, meanwhile promoting independence among the children. Also, the rooms can be interchanged according to the changing needs of the family as its members grow older.


As families grow, parents have the supremely important task of raising good citizens, and having a home that allows the family to stay connected can make that task that much easier. You need to accommodate the various demands and needs while keeping in mind the evolving nature of the same as time passes and design spaces accordingly. A global procurement expert can help you find high-quality and unique décor solutions for your next project that are kid-friendly too. Contact Excella Global to discuss your requirements with an experienced and resourceful sourcing specialist today!

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