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Are you always in sync with what super successful architects around the world are doing daily? Stay in the know without doing much research yourself by bookmarking the 6 innovative architecture blogs below. This handpicked selection has 6 disparate blogs where each one touches a totally different aspect. From architectural ingenuity and distinct design styles to trending products and creative ideas, they offer endless visual inspiration so you can keep current even with a demanding work life.

Get your daily dose of inspiration from the creative constructions featured on these 6 top ranking resources:

1. ArchDaily

Helping architects build bigger and better, ArchDaily is your ultimate source for the latest industry information, emerging tools, and up-to-date inspiration. ArchDaily gives you instant access to the best projects from across the globe, the best practices being followed around the world, and also new materials, technology, and products being used across 232 countries!

2. Architectural Digest

This truly international design authority caters specifically to a style-conscious readership. While its principal subject revolves around design, it also brings you the latest happenings in the architecture industry. The highlight of Architectural Digest is its annual AD 100 list which acknowledges the most influential architects and interior designers across the globe.

3. Biber

Biber is a website and a blog spun into one yarn where every layer uncovers a striking world of engaging essays and elusive imagery. Browse through biber for an eclectic collection of wide and varied projects, products and processes that will change the way you see design!

4. Dezeen

This list would have been incomplete without the mention of Dezeen. Undeniably one of the most popular design and architecture websites, Dezeen will keep you updated with some pretty cool design discoveries to inspire you when you’re feeling stuck.

5. Designboom

Driven to empower architects to invent a better world, Designboom is an independent publication that will enrich your industry knowledge with key insights on contemporary issues and reviews of all elements of art and architecture. It also keeps an expert eye on the latest design trends and evolving technology that the market has to offer.

6. Life of an Architect

Don’t like to read? Not a problem! Subscribe to Bob Borson’s audio podcasts for informative, engaging and actionable approaches to practicing architecture. Life of an Architect delves deeper into the mind of an Architect to uncover a wide range of topics. This diary of an architect explores why you should become an architect, architectural graphics, common misunderstandings surrounding the practice of architecture and everything in between.

So, from the enchanting to the enviable, we’ve covered it all. But, if your personal favorites were left out in this list, please add them in your comments.

Also, when you are browsing through these blogs if you come across any decor element that you’d want to make a part of your next project, we can help you procure it. From building materials and furniture to lighting and artefacts, we have 200+ product categories to cater to projects of every size and scale.

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agrawal is the Managing Director of Excella Global. Her electronics engineering background encourages her to be on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. She has a keen eye for architecture and design paired with the ability of recognizing trends that work, which allows her to put forward value for her readers in the content she creates. Her experience in the procurement and sourcing industry only adds to this.

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