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Passionate designers are constantly innovating the eco-friendly sustainable designs ranging from unique housing projects to large-scale public access areas. The commitment to innovation is just subtly visible from their creations.
Here, we have lined up a list of 7 most innovative architecture firms and their work in designing.



Bjarke Ingels – one of a kind archipreneur, well versed with the latest media trends and business strategies. He believes in investing in new and innovative enterprises. His projects are a unique blend of merging new businesses with pop culture influences. His projects tend to defy traditional architectural conventions and dimensions. His designs also incorporate sustainable development, while also taking into account sociological concepts.

VM Houses, Orestad, Denmark is designed to look like the alphabets ‘V’ and ‘M’. They place a strong emphasis on daylight and views from the apartments.

vm-houses                                                                              (Image Credit: Archide.wordpress.com)

vm-houses-orestad                                                                              (Image Credit: Homify.jp)

Mountain Dwellings – As the name suggests, a mountain shaped housing project is a tribute to Verner Panton.


                                                                               (Image Credit: Adsttc.com)

mountain-dwellings-1                                                                              (Image Credit: Archdaily.com)


Shop architects are the pioneers redefining the practices in architectural designs. They believe in all-inclusive approach when it comes to designing, right from novel programmatic concepts, to next-generation fabrication and delivery techniques. Most of their creations are beautifully crafted spaces and best suit the functions they are meant for. They are rethinking the role of architects in the project development process and looking for ways to get more autonomy. Constantly developing innovative design projects off the ground while cutting construction costs by smart fabrication. A hybrid business model allows them to function as a combination of a real estate development firm, a think tank, and a one-stop shop for clients wishing undefined innovation.

Barclay’s Centre strikes a balance between its iconic form and performative engagement that delights visitors.

barclays-centre                                                                              (Image Credit: Shoparc.com)

barclays-center-1                                                                              (Image Credit: Archinect.com)

Botswana Innovation Hub is an iconic building which possesses the “Energy Blanket” roofscape, that shades the building’s interior volumes while collecting and re-using water and harnessing solar energy. Architects can leverage the experience and expertise of global procurement specialists to find the right building materials for such projects and take advantage of their neat eye over cost-effectiveness and widespread reach.

energy-blanket-roofscape                                                                              (Image Credit: Shoparc.com)

botswana-innovation-hub                                                                              (Image Credit: Skyscrapercity.com)


perkins-will-ghana-ridge-hospital                                                                              (Image Credit: Constructionglobal.com)

Perkins+Will is one of USA’s leading firms in healthcare design. Their design is focused on multiple parameters like sustainability issues, resilience, human experience, design process, and mobility. Their work goes beyond the standard definition of health care as the design is focused on better patient experience while they are in the hospital and even after they leave. They are currently working on multiple projects in several cities to plan “health districts,” combining urban planning with healthcare architecture to foster healthier outcomes for patients.

  • NBBJ

alipay-hq-nbbj                                                                              (Image Credit: Nbbj.com)

Seattle-based NBBJ is one of the first architecture firms to fully embrace Virtual Reality (VR). They developed a self-contained venture “Visual Vocal” to build a VR platform integrated into the firm’s design process. The new productivity tool allows architects to build VR versions of 3D models that are accessed on a smartphone by clients, in turn speeding up collaboration and communication. This allows them to make quick decisions based on feedback. Future plans for these platforms include solutions for working in the aerospace industry, product design, and biotech.


  • HOK

hok-architects                                                                              (Image Credit: Hok.com)

HOK is widely known as leaders in sustainable design architecture. They are another great example of an architecture firm embracing new media tools, as one of the most active users of social media in the architectural industry. They put in to account various facets while conceptualising the projects, such as hospitality driven design to enhance user experience while maintaining their principle of sustainable construction. Recently, HOK partnered with the Biomimicry Guild in order to foster bio-inspired innovation in the field of architecture. They strongly believe bio-mimicry will significantly reduce the environmental impacts of projects while defining a whole new standard for sustainable designs.



nobu-doha-rockwell-group                                                                              (Image Credit: Sleepermagazine.com)

A strong commitment towards exploring and experimenting with the things they love, helped Rockwell Group to carve out a unique role encompassing multiple ideas, design styles, clients and projects. Their projects are inspired by theatre, technology, and high-end craft, creating a unique narrative for each project, ranging from restaurants, hotels, airport terminals, and hospitals, to festivals, museum exhibitions, and Broadway sets.

One of their attention-grabbing designs were the concept prefabricated homes, manufactured off-site can be shipped easily, have gained popularity as an easy way to provide affordable, environment-friendly housing, modelled to fit the aesthetic of local landscapes.



heatherwick-studio-abu-dhabi                                                                              (Image Credit: Gizmodo.co.uk)

The Heatherwick Studio has worked with an extensive range of design disciplines, including architecture, engineering, transport and urban planning to furniture, sculpture and product design. Heatherwick considers all design as a single disciplinary design in three dimensions.

Unlike many architecture practices, Heatherwick Studios do not have a fixed style or focus on problem-solving. It involves a lot of research and gradually narrow down the potential solutions.

In Abu Dhabi, Heatherwick has redesigned the grassy 30-acre Al Fayah Park to contend with the country’s desert climate.

These are the 7 best architectural entities deserve attention by everyone who has a keen interest in the field. Feel free to share your comments and more designs, for we would love to have your words on this.

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agrawal is the Managing Director of Excella Global. Her electronics engineering background encourages her to be on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. She has a keen eye for architecture and design paired with the ability of recognizing trends that work, which allows her to put forward value for her readers in the content she creates. Her experience in the procurement and sourcing industry only adds to this.

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