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Chinioserie Design

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Sometimes the past seems more alluring and captivating than the present’s fluctuating trends. Reviving those gold past movements enables us to hold on to balance and class in this ever-changing world. The chinoiserie design of the 17 and 18th century that represents the fanciful European interpretation of old Chinese style is an exclusive alternative for blindly following modern trends and holding on to old ideas that never loses its charm. In chinoiserie design, we include bright dark colours, floral patterns, pagoda decorative items, Thibaut wallpaper and many others in all its majestic glory. So, let’s begin to understand chinoiserie.


The Chinoiserie Walls

Forget barren dull coloured walls and paint the bold lure of chinoiserie on them. Chinoiserie walls are all about bright dapper colours and chinoiserie wallpaper with floral patterns, attractive prints of birds, boughs, nature, animal motifs, striking murals, Thibaut designs, Chinese pagoda, zigzags and many more. The whole wall brings out a glamorous and colourful display of images that lighten up the room with a stately sophisticated vibe. However, if you wish to leave your walls barren then you can still add a pinch of chinoiserie in your room. For example, you can put chinoiserie print paintings and panels on your wall and surround them with chinoiserie furniture. You can choose any design for your walls and panels as long as they are patterned, grand and chic at the same time.


Chinoiserie Walls

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The Chinoiserie Furniture

Chinoiserie furniture reflects an exotic and ostentatious vibe. It consists of antique and vintage furniture that have paintings of chinoiserie patterns. You can also opt for plain furniture like panel style bed, Santiago bed style that has a crown-shaped headboard, poster beds or dreamy ornate canopy beds, armoire wardrobe, claw foot cabinets, sprawling chaise, camel-back sofa, unique settee, chesterfield sofa and many other old-school furnishings. You can also install chinoiserie products and showpieces to give your modern home a vintage twist like oriental utensils, porcelain painted jars, vintage-style lamps, ceramic vases, baroque mirrors and many others. Make sure you choose the right combination of furniture so that the room has a stately balance and does not reflect too much bombastic or pretentious vibe.


Chinoiserie Furniture

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Chinoiserie Decor

As stated earlier chinoiserie decor can bring out a pompous environment if you do not do it right. So be careful in your selection of choices. If you are going for motif walls do not opt for painted furniture as well and vice-versa. Be sure you choose the right combination of colours for both your furniture and walls. If you want a subtle chinoiserie look amidst your modern furniture or pastel-coloured walls then install calm chinoiserie products like a single painting, an old bookcase, pagoda cages, hanging lamps or Chinese chandeliers. Chinoiserie is a design that exudes meticulous precision and a perfect mix of colour and shapes.



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Old Is Gold

We are rooted in our old traditions and culture by birth, so showcasing that old heritage not only displays our rich ties but also adds a chinoiserie flavour in our design. Old furniture, a collection of paintings, antique handiwork, stamps and coins, photo albums and suitcases, wardrobe and prints enhances and revives the past and our home as well.



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So, get up and plan your chinoiserie palace with lots of history, culture and love.

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