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Bohemian Home Decor

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Plants, patterns, prints, bright colours, knick-knacks all around, cosy cushions, filled-with-pictures wall, lights, hanging DIY crafts and many other elements that when imagined and decorated together gives any interior an earthly, domestic bohemian environment. Bohemian home décor basically reflects a care-free, laid-back vibe that mirrors the owner’s personality, passion and spirit. To design a house that features true bohemian touch, you do not need to consider the plethora of myriad details that comes with perfect designing, you just need to sprinkle your personality and attitude all over the house such that a little bit of you is portrayed in every corner of the house, whether it be the sofa, bed, shoe rack or a tiny key hanger. So, here’s a feature on how to attain an effortless bohemian abode.


The Bohemian walls


Bid goodbye to plain empty walls and liven up your dormant room with these bohemian wall décor ideas.  There is no restraint on the colour selection of your walls, you can either go for bright sunny colours, dapper dark colours or you can also opt for decent cream or white colours and further embellish it to make it bohemian. To decorate your walls, you can go for either cheap, temporary décor or patterned permanent décor. For the first option, you can be as experimental and undisciplined as you want; you can hang dream catchers, old movie posters, motivational quotes, some tassel and feathers, mandala tapestry, macramé woven hangings or any other art that displays your hobby. For the latter option, you can go for art paintings, Victorian style plate decoration, and vintage clocks or install art pieces like a reindeer’s head. Remember you cannot leave all your walls barren because that will be the end of your bohemian dream room. So be as free as a kid and choose anything you want to put on your walls to add character and energy to your room.


Bohomian Decor

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The Bohemian Furniture


As mentioned earlier, there are no hard rules in bohemian décor; you can install any type of furniture you want as long as it is comfy, homely and not rigid formal furniture. The idea is that the furniture should have a welcoming vibe in an effortlessly smooth manner and not some formal restricted design that is suitable for modern offices. You can go for a simple bed, platform bed, bunk bed or any other style but cover the bed with a cosy mattress, printed mattress and fill it with lots of cushions. Same is the idea for the sofa; it can be any type you want as long as it is adorned with colourful cushions. You can jest up your room by adding softly printed ottomans, painted cabinet tables, Moroccan style showpieces, old wardrobe or open wardrobe and lots of inviting colourful seating places like a nice corner nook. The best part of bohemian décor is that it is not expensive; you can decorate your whole house with repainted old furniture and some easy DIY creativity, like turning an old suitcase into a drawer or purchasing simple wood cabinet and painting it for a different look.


Bohemian Furniture

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Little Hippie Things


The most important part of hippie home décor is your lifestyle. Little things like handcrafted photo frame, small potted plants, collection of books, stamps or miniatures, open display of bags or clothes, strewn about papers and all these things that defines you add a certain character to your room that itself gives it a designer vibe and separates your room to be unlike anyone else’s.


Hippie Things

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So, be free to pour all your soul while decorating your room in all its bohemian glory.

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