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One of the best ways to spruce up your space is to embrace the world’s hottest interior trends. We are setting our sight on interior trends that will sprint their way into our Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards and homes. To kickstart some inspiration here are 10 trends of 2019 to get you started for the New Year.

Interior Paint Colors

1. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is such a warm and inviting, creamy shade that helps you always stay in trend. This shade is a safe bet and you can never go wrong with it when paired with neutral shades of furniture. Hazelnut is a great way to make a room appear larger than it actually is.

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2. Living Coral

Pantone’s color 2019 is here and it is a naturally vivid color that has the ability to mesmerize the mind and the eye. A coral velvet armchair is timeless, yet stunning and is perfect for a modern, mid-century home.

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3. Lilac Gray

Dove gray is always a great idea if you are looking for modern alternatives to stark neutral colors. Lilac helps to create a more cheerful space, it is gender neutral and makes gray hues warmer.

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4. Dark Greens

Deep greens help to reproduce the experience of lush botanicals. It sets the tone with a strong foundational hue. If you decide to use hunter and bottle green in your home, make sure you do it with large and well-lit spaces. It gives the illusion of a much darker space.

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1. Blush Tones

Blush is a great neutral color that can be paired with grays and natural colors to create a gentle palette. Combine it with bold colors like navy, citrine or forest green to produce a striking new space.

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2. Natural Materials

Natural materials add visual interest to any space. Natural stones, terrazzo, and quartzite merge luxury and utility to create a palette so pleasant!

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3. Creative Use of Metals

Metals are not just limited to rose gold and can be incorporated in your home in so many different ways. Brass, gold or blackened metals can make any space look and feel fancy. It is a strong transition towards furniture pieces that are functional.

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1. Mixture of Textures

It is always a great idea to add interest to your space by playing with contrasting textures. Wood, leather, metal, and fibers in combination with recycled glass chandeliers, recycled wood shelves, and natural bamboo rugs create a warm and rustic feel.

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2. False Skins

Whether you want to add it to sofas, cushions, carpets or chairs, skins are a classic trend that adds visual interest to any room.

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3. Curtains

Living room, bedroom or bathroom, curtains add the same amount of design to any space as furniture does. They instantly make a space feel grand or create a cozy vibe.

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Shruti Agrawal is the Managing Director of Excella Global. Her electronics engineering background encourages her to be on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. She has a keen eye for architecture and design paired with the ability of recognizing trends that work, which allows her to put forward value for her readers in the content she creates. Her experience in the procurement and sourcing industry only adds to this.

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