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    Image Source   Plants, patterns, prints, bright colours, knick-knacks all around, cosy cushions, filled-with-pictures wall, lights, hanging DIY crafts and many other elements that when imagined and decorated together gives any interior an earthly, domestic bohemian environment. Bohemian home décor basically reflects a care-free, laid-back vibe that mirrors the owner’s personality, passion and spirit. To

    Backyard Balcony

    Best Balcony Ideas and Designs for Your Home | Excella Global

    While decorating our house, we often don’t pay much heed to our balconies’ design and appearance. Always last on our to-do-list, balconies have a great potential to build a cosy ambience and create a soothing appeal. There are various ways in which you can design your balcony; you can go for a rustic look, a


    Creative Backyard Design Ideas for Your Home| Excella Global

    The most vivid memories of our life come not from foreign lands, unfamiliar culture or famous persons, it comes from the front gates of our home, from the smell in our kitchen, from the mess in our bedroom and from the dirt of our backyard. Backyards represent that stress-free zone in our home where solace

    lighting solutions for dark rooms

    8 Easy Hacks to Light up a Gloomy Space

    Dark spaces often come across as dull, drab and dingy but, achieving bright interiors does not necessarily need an expensive window treatment or skylights. Light up any dark space in an instant with these easy and cost-effective home decor hacks. Start with a Splash of White A crisp white ceiling makes a room look taller

    Dining Room Ideas

    7 Dining Room Décor Ideas that are totally worth Replicating

    The dining room is the most family-friendly space where meals are shared and memories are made. From weekly Sunday roasts with friends to dinner parties with extended family, the dining room is the ever-so-occasional space of any home and so, it is crucial that your design concept caters to the versatility of this space. Whether

    upgrade your master bathroom

    5 Ideas That Will Make a Massive Difference to Your Master Bathroom Upgrade

    Whether it is a small bathroom redo or a complete master bathroom overhaul, a well-planned bathroom décor not only adds value to the home but also brings about a lavish feel. No wonder this functional space has come a long way from purely practical to pampering. But, finalizing a brand new bathroom décor is not

    Minimalistic Interiors vs. Maximalist Decor & Their Matrimony

    Minimalism and maximalism are two distinct interior décor styles with contrasting features. While a simple and restrained décor appeals to the modest mindset, a bold and vibrant design concept effortlessly wins over the ones with a flamboyant attitude. And then there are some who prefer the serenity of minimalistic interiors. But at the same time

    5 Smart Ways to Maximize Space in Every Area

    Whether it is a small studio apartment or a massive mountain estate villa, every homeowner seeks a spacious and welcoming feel. So, here are 5 ways to help you make the most of every area in a home while giving it an organized and welcoming look. Open up the Entryway Your entryway is where all

    Futuristic Floor Finishes for Changing Tastes and Innovative Design Concepts

    Subway tiles, patterned hexagons, terra-cotta, carpets, and laminates are no more the first choice of homeowners who are now acquiring new tastes in flooring finishes. So whether you are giving a high-end home a facelift or designing an upscale abode from scratch, update the flooring in a manner that you make it to a popular

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