ExcellaSourcing & Procurement Solution Providers

Excella Global is your one-stop solution for global procurement solutions. Our journey began with China, and after gaining a strong command over its diverse markets, we have now widened our procurement network to the captivating markets of India, Indonesia and Italy.


Every single product and project handled by us is a promise of exclusivity. We at Excella Global understand the evolving needs of our customers and have the expertise to analyse and predict the evolving trends of the industry, so that our clients get the best possible deals. Our growing global procurement network enables our clients to access multiple international brands.


We have a well-planned procurement process in place, ranging from in-depth assessment of client needs to unwavering customer support post installation. Our dedicated team of experts is equipped to resolve any queries or complaints and work tirelessly to ensure that every client of ours has a zero-worries experience, every single time.


We provide global sourcing and procurement solutions to clients from diverse sectors such as Real Estate, Hospitality, HNI residences, corporate spaces, Educational and Healthcare. Our experience and technical know-how enables us to deliver exceptional results. Be it single-location or multi-location projects, and also large-scale turnkey projects. Our clientele spans many lands and industries and we are known for offering all-inclusive solutions on-time, every time.

ServicesSourcing Simplified, Value Multiplied.

Requirement Analysis

We personally meet every one of our Clients, introduce Excella to them and work together with Clients to understand the complete requirements of your project.

Sourcing Ideation

At this stage, based on an analysis of your requirement, we propose feasible sourcing and procurement options and customized solutions that will help the clients acquire what they need.

Products & Vendor Selection

Having a huge sourcing library, we guide our clients in the selection of products and vendors from across the globe.

Estimations & Budgeting

Once the products selection process is done, we provide with the estimations and budgeting to give the clients an idea of the procurement to be done.

Trip Management

As part of our co-ordination services, we also provide miscellaneous services, which includes assistance in planning the Clients’ entire Itinerary with Travel, Stay & local Transport during their procurement trip.

Ordering Process

Upon the final selection of products, we help the clients with the best negotiations and the ordering of the goods at different vendors.

Procurement Coordination

We bridge the communication gap between the clients and vendors and manage the project from start till end to ensure that the entire sourcing process is a breeze, and at the end of it clients get the expected results.

Quality Inspections

A thorough inspection and quality check of exclusive material is done under the guidance of experienced Excella team member during the production, after production and before shipment depending upon project scope.

Goods Consolidation

Consolidation of all materials, planning for export on basis of weight & cubic meter of the products ordered and accordingly arrange for containers and try our best to minimize shipping costs.

Logistics Chain Management

Shipping our Client’s products to the project destination is so very important that client do not want to see any delays at this stage, especially after all the effort everyone have put into the procurement process we make sure to achieve project timeline.


After delivery of products, we help Clients with any installation procedures. When needed, we can arrange for an installation team or individual technicians locally at the project site.

After Sales Service

In case of rare discrepancies, damage or any other issues, we help Clients solve them very quickly by co-ordinating with the concerned vendors on their behalf.



Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions.




Vivek Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Shruti Agrawal

Managing Director