About Us

EthosAbout us

Excella Global is your one-stop solution for global procurement solutions. Our journey began with China, and after gaining a strong command over its diverse markets, we have now widened our procurement network to the captivating markets of India, Indonesia and Italy.

We offer global sourcing and procurement solutions to a wide gamut of sectors which include Real Estate, Hospitality, Corporate, Education, and Healthcare. Our team of experts is dedicated to streamlining the procurement process for each and every client, no matter the quantum of their project. We are known for finding the best deals possible with no compromise on quality and exclusivity.

  • To be a world-renowned name in the global sourcing and procurement segment, for exclusive global projects
  • To convert client dreams into reality by simplifying the global procurement process for interior and exterior design elements

  • Provide clients from across the world with exclusive, innovate and exceptional quality global procurement solutions
  • Analyze and predict transforming trends to offer more value to clients, always
  • Be a trendsetter
  • Drive growth for internal and external stakeholders

  • To have integrity at the heart of all our operations and being responsible towards environment, clients, employees and vendors
  • To constantly learn, improve and innovate
  • We are determined to be passionate, perfect and proactive towards our work
  • To go above and beyond to achieve customer delight

WHY USExcellence we have

Higher levels of trust

Excella as your sourcing agent helps you build trust with reputed manufacturers for long-term business dealings.

Local representation

When you hire a sourcing agent, your business gets a boost with local representation in the area where you're buying.

Experienced Team

A team of experienced professionals with strong industry know-how in China, Italy & India to co-ordinate for various work projects.

Finding best deals

Having local representatives, the language barrier could be easily overlooked, allowing better negotiation and achieving more competitive deals.

Effective lines of communication

Our local representatives communicate with suppliers in local language, allowing you to get your message across in clear terms.

Managing everything from A to Z

Excella undertakes the entire process from "Sourcing to Shipment", further following up with you to ensure products are received in perfect condition.

In-house Orientation center

Our in-house orientation center has a wide range of products available for demonstration, minimizing your sourcing time.

Locating Reliable Vendors

Excella's local presence allows running a background and quality check on suppliers, ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness.



Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions.