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Doing Business in China: Culture & Etiquette Tips

Excella from ExcellaWorldwide12  In recent years, China’s growth as a business destination has been astounding, especially for product outsourcing. Companies of all sizes and from every part of the world have discovered the benefits of sourcing products and materials from Chinese suppliers, particularly the ability to buy high-quality goods at bargain prices. This presentation introduces

How to Prevent Quality Issues and Scams when Sourcing from China?

Handling various business activities simultaneously can become very challenging for entrepreneurs, especially when outsourcing is part of the company’s operations. Businesses in various sectors are dependent on goods and material sourced from overseas, but often find themselves facing issues with quality or reliability while dealing with suppliers. Tips on Avoiding Quality Issues and Scams Sourcing

10 Key Points to Consider While Sourcing from China

Companies may source goods from different global manufacturers, but China is fast becoming the most popular destination for high-quality, low-cost items. It’s not just businesses that are turning to Chinese suppliers though – whether you’re looking to improve the décor in your hotel or turn your home into a mansion, China is the best place

8 Things to Consider Before Planning a Sourcing Trip

Sourcing goods and material has become a huge trend, especially with those who want high quality at competitive prices. Of course, the question arises – how can you ensure that you’re really getting the best deal? The Answer is Deceptively Simple-Just Plan a Sourcing Trip! One of the best ways to ensure that you find

Why it is a Smart Idea to Hire a Sourcing Agent for your Next Project?

In today’s scenario, outsourcing has become a significant part of manufacturing in various sectors. For example, Dell obtains some computer components from outside manufacturers rather than manufacturing them in-house, and practically every item in your home or office has a “Made in China” tag or part within it! The concept of outsourcing is about three

The Closely Guarded Secrets of Sourcing Art from China

Oscar Wilde correctly stated that “Paradoxical though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Incorporating art into the environment around us can be liberating, as it represents life and contributes to the general vibe in our everyday experiences. Art impacts the mood lifts

5 Steps That Will Make Your Next Real Estate Project a Big Success

Building a house is demanding enough; an entire neighborhood brings its own set of challenges. Such projects are massive and require a lot of manpower, building material and equipment, time, effort and a whole lot of money. Meticulous planning needs to be done at every single stage, ensuring that only high-quality products are used and

How Top Architects & Interior Designers are Helping Their Clients Build Dream Homes

Ask anyone from any culture, location or financial background, what their ultimate dream is. The unanimous answer would be to build their dream home for themselves and their family. As an architect or interior decorator, one gets a wonderful opportunity to fulfill such dreams of several people. It is a laborious task but rewarding nevertheless.

Top 10 Items Sourced By USA From China

China’s popularity as a sourcing destination has steadily increased over the years, and it is one of the top manufacturing centers in the world today. With thousands of Chinese suppliers selling high-quality products at affordable prices, American buyers are lining up to procure goods and materials for a variety of sectors. This presentation discusses the

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