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How to Decorate a Room that is both Functional and Fun for Kids

Children’s rooms can be a lot of fun to do up, and the design is something that parents start planning before their little one is even born. The biggest challenge lies in balancing the functional aspects of the room, with its visual appeal, so we’ve put together some quick tips to help you with this

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What is Global Sourcing? – A-Z of Global Sourcing

In this extremely ruthless and competitive business world, only those survive and prosper who play their cards smartly. Talking of smart moves, global sourcing is steadily cementing its place in the list. Its strategy and solutions help business cut their production costs, increase profits and adopt global practices to obtain a smooth supply chain without

5 Easy Ways to Add Some Flair to Your Home’s Outdoor Areas

A house is not a home till a certain amount of love has gone into its creation, making it a place which is ideal for the whole family. The little things that can be done to spruce up a home can go a long way when you want a space that you can enjoy alone

How to Pick the Right Kind of Lighting for Your Home

The right kind of lighting can completely turn the look of a space around. We need light for many different purposes, and the right kind of room lighting should aim at encompassing all of these requirements. A room should have enough light to be able to work in, and yet not be too bright for

5 Essential Things to Consider while Planning an Overseas Sourcing Trip

A sourcing trip is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to locate international suppliers offering products you want to purchase at prices that suit your pocket. Physically visiting a vendor’s office or factory allows you explore the full range of goods that they offer, check out their quality and ensure that you’re getting

5 Qualities that You Should Look for in a Sourcing Agent

For businesses looking to find high-quality goods at low costs, overseas outsourcing comes in very handy indeed. Many companies today, both large and small, use the services of an overseas sourcing manager or procurement agent to locate and transact with local suppliers on their behalf. This allows them to find the best products at highly

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