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China Makes, the World Takes – Great Opportunities For Global Sourcing

We often hear the terms ‘global sourcing’ or ‘international sourcing’ being used in business expansion and development forums, and this is simply the process of acquiring goods, materials and services from foreign suppliers. Considering international communications and logistics today, sourcing products from the global market is highly recommended. Global sourcing has become a huge source

Top 10 Follies to Avoid when Remodelling

Remodelling can turn even homeowners into part-time contractors. As one works closely to modify spaces with professional contractors, it helps develop a knack for making space beautiful and comfortable, as well as practical.   Budding contractors, project managers, and inspired homeowners need to understand a few basic slips that need to be avoided, in order

Foreign Buyers, Avoid these 10 Common China Sourcing Mistakes!

China sourcing is a major game changer for businesses of any size, for a number of reasons, the most common of which are expansion and cost control. While China is developing its potential in international sourcing, companies need to consider a number of different factors to ensure their sourcing process is effective. Major Mistakes made

A Checklist For An Overseas Sourcing Trip

  So you are all set to take your local business global? If this is your first overseas sourcing trip, don’t take it lightly. Global sourcing involves a lot more than preparing a budget and booking your flight. You would be signing a sourcing agreement and it should be given some serious consideration. There is

Sourcing Agents

9 Ways Sourcing Agents Help with Common Procurement Problems in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the largest sectors all over the world, which means that there are hundreds or even thousands of competitors vying for business in any area. The only way for real estate developers/contractors to stand out is to offer high-quality services at competitive prices, and this is where a good sourcing agent

Most Commom Scams While Sourcing From China

China offers a wide range and a large variety of products at amazing prices. Businesses are tempted to make the most out of these opportunities. However, one must know that there are various kinds of scams that companies in China resort to and foreign businesses often fall for these scams easily. Therefore, if you’re doing

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