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Looking Back At the Top Global Sourcing Trends of 2015 to Stay Ahead In 2016

Global sourcing can be defined as the process of procuring goods and services from the most cost-efficient location, typically across geographical boundaries. It involves purchase integration and coordination with business units located in foreign locations so that companies can find the lowest cost for a manufactured product. As we approach the end of 2015, it

Global Sourcing

Why is China a Global Leader in Furniture Manufacturing?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, product sourcing from China and other developing economies has become extremely popular. Furniture is one of the top sectors in which Chinese manufacturers outpace those in any other part of the world, primarily because they can offer great designs at low prices.   How China has been Dominating

A Guide to Upcoming Furniture Fairs in China

China is still the leader when it comes to global furniture sourcing. China suppliers offer an enormous variety of home décor products at unbeatable rates. You can pick from a plethora of home décor accessories, home furniture solutions, and office furniture at highly competitive prices. If you’re contemplating China sourcing for procuring your furniture, furniture

How Automating the Procurement Process Impacts an Organization’s Finances

A host of American organizations require the need to outsource their procurement work to outside organizations, instead of establishing in-house structures for sourcing goods from overseas. This is primarily because a sourcing specialist can help to minimize costs and avoid unnecessary pressures that come with a simple delivery format.   With the help of new

10 Practical Tips to Make Your China Sourcing Successful

Many businesses have realized the advantages of China sourcing and view it as a feasible business network. However, before you embark on your procurement trip, spare some time to run through these 10 tips that will serve as a helpful checklist and keep you on the right track: 1. Make Sure Your Specifications Are Spot

5 Qualities You Should Look For In Sourcing Agents

  If you wish to reduce your manufacturing costs without compromising on the quality, international procurement is an incredible resource for your company. If you do not have the in-house resources to negotiate with vendors and check the quality, you can hire an experienced global sourcing company to do the job on your behalf. An

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Furniture

From a California cottage to a chic corporate house, furniture forms a key element of every space. The right choice of furniture goes a long way in creating a comfortable, classy, and charming appeal. When looking for a furniture range that suits your style, be sure to check that it is a perfect blend of

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