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China Sourcing Agent

Why Turn to China Sourcing Agents for Your Procurement Needs?   Not only does sourcing goods and materials from international markets help to increase profits, but it also helps to diversify in terms of what you offer. Sourcing from low-cost markets like China has helped many companies overcome the issues of low-profit margins on goods

When Does Product Sourcing become ideal for an Organisation?

A lot of companies outsource services for a host of benefits, and product sourcing works on similar grounds as that of sourcing customer service as well as operations. Product sourcing is much like outsourcing, but what is being procured from overseas is a product or products manufactured by partnered wholesale companies.   How this works

China sourcing business

The Impact of the Chinese New Year on the Import Business

When it comes to celebrations, nothing is quite comparable to the Chinese New Year. This festival is normally celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar (which is based on the lunar calendar) and is also known as the Spring Festival.   The celebrations of the Chinese New Year last over a fortnight, beginning on

10 Key Points To Consider While Sourcing From China

  So you are planning to grow your business revenue with global sourcing?    There are multiple factors that go into making your procurement project a success. From costing and quality to logistics and paperwork, your decisions can have a massive impact on the reputation and revenue of your business. This video highlights the ten key points

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