April 2016 - Excella Global

9 Essentials for Luxury Home Owners and Buyers

When you’re investing in a new luxury home or renovating an existing one, it’s time to pull out all the stops. For the grand villa or penthouse of your dreams, a global sourcing agent can help you add personal touches, practical necessities, and comfort-oriented extras. 9 Luxury Must-Haves You can Enjoy by Procuring What You

Celebrate Earth Day with these Eco-Friendly Structures of the World

Today, on the day of eco-consciousness, here is a small souvenir for all the responsible citizens of this planet – a compilation of downright stunning eco-friendly structures that will change your perception of life. Take a look at them and get inspired to go green with your homes and offices on Earth Day! Enticing and

How to Select the Right Outdoor Furniture for Restaurants and Cafeterias

The furniture you choose for the outdoor spaces of your dining establishment is as important as the indoor items, perhaps more so when you take into account the beating it can take under a hot sun or pouring rain.   Here are Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind When You’re Shopping for Outdoor Restaurant

5 Most Expensive Homes Of The World

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most lavish homes look like? Would you like to know who the owners of these expensive and exquisite homes are? To end the anonymity, here is a quick rundown of the World’s priciest, plushest and palatial homes, castles, mansions and more:   #1 Buckingham Palace, London    

Interior Design Inspirations for 2016: The Blending of Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue

The Pantone Color Institute has unveiled the official colors of the year and, this time, it is a blend of two gentle tones, rose quartz and serenity. The inherent harmony of this muted blend offers a feeling of comfort and relaxation to those who seek mindfulness amidst the modern day stresses and strains. While serenity

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