June 2016 - Excella Global

Auris Fakhruddin Hotel, Dubai

Auris Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments, Dubai by Excella Global The Auris Fakhruddin Hotel is a perfect venue for an exciting tropical getaway. This international hospitality brand partnered with Excella Global to source a wide range of unique and upscale décor solutions for their high-profiles suites. While comfort and luxury were a primary concern for the client, Excella’s priority

10 Bathroom Tile Ideas to Bring a Touch of Luxury into Your Home

Powder rooms, WCs, “loos”… the humble bathroom has come a long way over the years and has not only picked up a number of names but also become something of a style statement. When you’re dressing up a bathroom, a sourcing agent can help you find what you need at pocket-friendly prices, so you can

6 Essential Things To Keep In Mind During Renovations

Everyone wants their hotel stay to be comfortable whether they are on a vacation, or out for work. For those who are vacationing, amenities are important, and those away from work are looking for a home away from home. Whether staying at a luxury resort or a downtown hotel with easy access, at the very

5 Styling Ideas to Make Your Coffee Table the Center of Attention

There’s no way to style a living room without the right coffee table, but just placing one in the room isn’t enough. What you place on/under/around it makes as much of an impact as the choice of the table itself. Look beyond flowers in vases, and take inspiration from modern décor trends that everyone’s gushing

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