July 2016 - Excella Global

Top 5 Client Issues for Architects and Interior Designers and their Solutions!

Client interactions are critical to practically every profession, but they are definitely the backbone of all successful architecture and interior design projects. Inefficiencies and breakdowns in client service can have some far-ranging consequences, not just in current design projects, but future ones too. However, client issues are bound to come up from time to time.

Turning 7 Common Challenges into Opportunities

The ability to conceptualize a finished space and bring that vision to life is uniquely challenging, but design professionals are adept at handling whatever comes their way! Let’s look at 7 unique difficulties in the sector, and how they can be reinvented as opportunities: 1. Evolution in the Industry – As a profession, the recent

4 Solutions to Challenges that Interior Designers Face

As an interior designer, you probably have a list of challenges you face all the time. These challenges could be anything from know-it-all clients (you wonder why they even hired you if they’re such experts!) and budget constraints, to locating dependable suppliers for the products and materials you need. While every designer faces unique challenges

6 Interior Design Upgrades to Increase a Home’s Value

As an interior designer, you may not always be hired to work on a new project or redo a home from scratch. Clients may also ask you to help bump up their home’s property value before they try to sell it, so what do you do then? Here are 6 simple tips to follow: 1>

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