September 2016 - Excella Global

Interior Design and Technology: How the Tech Revolution Affects Designers

Technology is changing everything around us, and it’s made lives excessively easier in every sector imaginable. The impact of modern breakthroughs is causing ripples of change in interior design too, with innovations that promise to bring designers, brands and consumers together like never before.   How is New Technology Helping Interior Designers? In the changing

Modern vs. Contemporary: How Are These Interior Design Styles Different?

The words “contemporary” and “modern” might have a similar meaning for most sectors, but not so in interior design. Here, they refer to two unique styles that are popular among designers and homeowners alike. They may share some elements from time to time, but are on the whole totally separate from each other! What is

Sourcing Success – DIY or Hire a Sourcing Agent

Want to know why a sourcing specialist makes sense? Reliable sourcing agents can prove to be of great value to any project. They are highly resourceful and can make your life a lot easier while they take care of all your requirements – leaving you free to be at your creative best and focus on

How a global procurement expert can help you gain a competitive edge

International sourcing is not only a trend in interior design and architecture but also a necessity in the competitive market today. Global sourcing is an excellent procurement strategy to access countless superior quality design solutions at competitive prices. A global procurement specialist with a vast procurement network and a strong command over diverse markets can easily

7 Ways to Be an Exceptional Architect

Have you just stepped into the world of architecture, brimming with promises of designing awe-inspiring structures? Do you stop in your tracks every time you come across a building with an incredibly beautiful design? Do you wish to see your name associated with the best-designed buildings and homes in the world? If you have answered

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