November 2016 - Excella Global

Designing an Entertainment Room for Maximum Impact

Designing a home theater or entertainment room can be a great way to explore new aspects of your creativity as an interior designer. You’ll usually have a lot of freedom to design this space the way you’d like, but balancing functionality (comfort, image and sound quality) with visual appeal can be a bit challenging. Whether

5 Tips to Balance Work and Home as an Interior Designer

In architecture, interior design and other creative professions, it’s crucial to balance work and home. This isn’t important only for personal reasons but can help you with professional success as well. Here are 5 great tips to help you separate your work and personal life, so you can do better in both:   1. Aim

7 Easy Tips for Enhancing Your Creativity on a Daily Basis

Creativity is the single most important asset in a design professional’s toolbox, but it can also be the most difficult one to manage. As an architect or interior designer, what can you do when your creativity “runs dry”, and you just can’t seem to come up with any new ideas? Well, there’s a popular saying:

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