January 2017 - Excella Global

Top 5 Interior Design Tips for Improving Productivity in the Workplace

While designing business interiors, it’s important to understand how various design elements affect productivity and efficiency. From there, it’s easy to incorporate elements that inspire and motivate employees, giving you a competitive advantage. Here are 5 primary factors you should focus on for improving productivity in the workplace. 1. Functional Comfort Ergonomic furniture is the most

How the Color of the Year will Affect the Mood of your Space

There’s no doubt that color influences our mood. Everyone is receptive to their surroundings and will immediately feel the energy created by a scarlet red kitchen, as well as the serenity elicited by a light blue room. Others may not regard the color, but the impact is still there nevertheless. Color has the potential to


What are the Biggest Office Design Trends to Watch in 2017?

With greater emphasis placed on functional aspects of offices and commercial spaces, the well-planned interior design was not really considered a priority till a few decades ago. Today, however, it’s becoming the norm for companies of every size. Architects, designers, builders and owners now understand the link between smart office design and productivity. Design trends

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