December 2017 - Excella Global


7 Breathtaking Christmas Theme Ideas for this Holiday Season

With the festive season, everyone has moved to a happier zone. But we can’t forget it is still a challenging time of the year as far as decorating is concerned. Are you looking for design inspiration for the holidays that make people feel nostalgic, yet refreshed, preparing them for the coming year? We’ve compiled a


7 Key Principles an Interior Designer Must Always Keep in Mind

Successful architecture and interior design projects aren’t based purely on creativity, although that’s a very important part of it. There are some basic principles every Interior designer must keep in mind, which are the cornerstones of flawless interior spaces. The right combination of these principles and the 7 elements of interior design (Space, Line, Form,

6 Features Every Architect Needs to Factor in while Planning a Family Home

A house becomes a home when it fully reflects the homeowners’ style and preferences. Architects and interior designers alike often hit a roadblock when doing so for large families with members from different age groups. Parents and children have varied needs when it comes to supervision, shared spaces and even privacy and they have a

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