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Architect Balkrishna Doshi is known for his work in low-cost housing and has won the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2018, architecture’s highest honor. Blending international modernist principles with local traditions, Doshi became one of the most influential architects in India, post-independence.

Let’s Find out More about India’s Prominent Architect:

BV Doshi was born in Pune in 1927. He began his studies in architecture the year India attained independence, 1947. He went on to work in London, after which he moved to France to work under Le Corbusier. After a few projects, he returned to India to supervise Le Corbusier’s project for Chandigarh as well as Ahmedabad for projects like Mill Owner’s Association Building (1954) and Shodhan House (1956). In the Chandigarh project, Doshi helped to design living spaces for government officials. This generated in him, an interest in basic and low-cost housing projects that helped him design spaces that encouraged community spirit. Doshi also went on to collaborate with Louis Khan to complete the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, early in 1962.

Doshi founded Vastushilpa (1956), currently known as Vastushilpa Consultants and combined his learning from his mentors to design buildings with a local sensibility. He has a distinct Indian form of critical regionalism that blends with what he learnt from his mentors, featuring distinct Indian architectural layouts and urban morphologies. A great example of this style is his studio, Sangath, where a combination of concrete barrel vaults, sunken communal spaces, and gardens beat the heat.

Doshi believes that it is important for an architect to understand people in a particular setting and their every day needs to design spaces they can comfortably call home. One such example is the award-winning project, Aranya Low-Cost Housing Society in Indore that he completed in 1989. It established a sense of community and encouraged harmony between the structure and the residents.

Doshi’s house in Ahmedabad, Kamala House was constructed in 1959 and is a notable example of his architectural style. He made sure there was an abundance of natural light and incorporated cavity walls to keep the house cool during the more humid months.

From designing campuses, he moved to building institutes. Doshi is the founder-Director of the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, founder-Director of the Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, founder-Director of the School of Planning, and founder-Dean of the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology.

Architect, BV Doshi teaches us multiple lessons through his creation of architectural marvels and inspires us to think beyond boundaries. To read more such inspirational articles, visit Excella Global – A Global Sourcing Partner.

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