August 2018 - Excella Global

The Art of Accessorizing Your Home like a Pro – Do’s and Don’ts

Accessorizing any space is typically the last step in the home staging process and while it can be all fun and exciting, even a small mistake at this stage can mean the difference between small and spacious or glum and grand. So, if you want the accessories and artwork to enhance the architecture and special

Convertible Furniture Makes a Comeback – Compact, Classy and Clever

The rising popularity of studio apartments fuelled by a fast-paced lifestyle has compelled furniture designers to focus on creating convertible furniture pieces that beautifully blend function, durability, style, comfort and sophistication. And this is a trend that is probably here to stay because convertible furniture is multifunctional, takes up very little space, looks stylish, and

9 Art Cities That Architects and Architecture Lovers Must Visit

While architectural inspiration can be found just about anywhere, some destinations are absolutely iconic in terms of features, landmarks, silhouettes and styles. If you’re in a creative slump, visiting these art cities can get your juices flowing again. Or, just put them on your bucket list as ‘eye candy’! Here are 9 art cities where

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