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3 Kinetic Buildings That Foster Advanced Architectural Technologies

Remember the days in your childhood where you dreamed of sitting in the revolving restaurant your parents promised they would take you to? And your parents stuck to their promise just to see you happy! Even though the restaurant moved at an ultra-slow pace, the summer buffet just tasted extra special. There was just something

2018 Pritzker Prize Laureate – Balkrishna Doshi

Architect Balkrishna Doshi is known for his work in low-cost housing and has won the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2018, architecture’s highest honor. Blending international modernist principles with local traditions, Doshi became one of the most influential architects in India, post-independence. Let’s Find out More about India’s Prominent Architect: BV Doshi was born in Pune

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Chandelier

Selecting the perfect chandelier for your home can seem like a bit of a task. With thousands of chandeliers to choose from, this task can be overwhelming. To begin with, decide on a style. If you are building or remodeling your home, you might have even considered selecting the chandelier first and designing the rest

5 Celebrated Interior Designers and Their Best Projects

Over the years, we have seen interior styles and architectural designs evolve. And with came a big set of challenges to select interiors that gave plenty of definition to every space. But a lot of interior designers have gone the extra mile to ensure they did justice to a re-modeled or an entirely new project.

The Real Inspiration behind India’s Greatest Monument – The Taj Mahal

The Story behind Taj Mahal Commissioned in 1632 by Shah Jahan, the 5th emperor of the Mughal Dynasty, the Taj Mahal is a colossal mausoleum complex that houses the remains of the emperor’s beloved wife. This architectural marvel of the Mughal architecture was constructed over a span of 21 years using white marble. It draws

The Top Architects behind the Blueprints of 5 World Famous Architecture Projects

Architecture is one of mankind’s most iconic and long-lasting forms of art. So let’s draw some inspiration from the best architects of all time with a glance into their incredible works. 1. Frank Lloyd Wright // Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright is known for revolutionizing 20th Century architecture with his Midwestern taste and sensibility. When

The Ultimate Interior Inspiration List: 7 Best Books to Read in 2019

Whether you are an aspiring interior design student, an established architect with an artistic vision or simply someone with a diehard interest in home décor, here are 7 interior design books to add to your bucket list. So let’s get started with these must-know design classics! 1. Dior and His Decorators: Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy,

Inside the Muraka: World’s First Luxury Underwater Villa

You may have fantasised buying your own floating villa in Dubai but have you ever thought of dining at an under-water hotel? Of course, you have and now, you can! The Muraka is world’s first ever under-water hotel with two-level residences featuring seamless luxury living both above and below the sea level. It is a

6 Inspiring Blogs Every Architect Must Follow in 2019

Are you always in sync with what super successful architects around the world are doing daily? Stay in the know without doing much research yourself by bookmarking the 6 innovative architecture blogs below. This handpicked selection has 6 disparate blogs where each one touches a totally different aspect. From architectural ingenuity and distinct design styles

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