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9 Art Cities That Architects and Architecture Lovers Must Visit

While architectural inspiration can be found just about anywhere, some destinations are absolutely iconic in terms of features, landmarks, silhouettes and styles. If you’re in a creative slump, visiting these art cities can get your juices flowing again. Or, just put them on your bucket list as ‘eye candy’! Here are 9 art cities where

How a global procurement expert can help you gain a competitive edge

International sourcing is not only a trend in interior design and architecture but also a necessity in the competitive market today. Global sourcing is an excellent procurement strategy to access countless superior quality design solutions at competitive prices. A global procurement specialist with a vast procurement network and a strong command over diverse markets can easily

6 Interior Design Upgrades to Increase a Home’s Value

As an interior designer, you may not always be hired to work on a new project or redo a home from scratch. Clients may also ask you to help bump up their home’s property value before they try to sell it, so what do you do then? Here are 6 simple tips to follow: 1>

How to Choose an Area Rug that Looks Effortlessly Stylish in Any Room

How to Choose an Area Rug that Looks Effortlessly Stylish in Any Room

Carpeting and rugs are a great way to tie your interior décor together and amplify the style quotient of any room in your house. The essential thing is to pick the right one, so rather than relying on design trends alone, look at what will work in your space. Here’s how to make the right

5 Tips to Make Your Living Room Kid-Friendly without Compromising on Style

Expectant or new parents imagine that baby-proofing their home is a matter of sacrificing beauty for functionality. However, you can easily marry the two, creating a home that’s both kid-friendly and stylish. For instance, here are 5 ways to make your living room a space that both kids and adults will love: What You’ve Got:

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The Impact of the Chinese New Year on the Import Business

When it comes to celebrations, nothing is quite comparable to the Chinese New Year. This festival is normally celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar (which is based on the lunar calendar) and is also known as the Spring Festival.   The celebrations of the Chinese New Year last over a fortnight, beginning on

10 Key Points To Consider While Sourcing From China

  So you are planning to grow your business revenue with global sourcing?    There are multiple factors that go into making your procurement project a success. From costing and quality to logistics and paperwork, your decisions can have a massive impact on the reputation and revenue of your business. This video highlights the ten key points

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Why is China a Global Leader in Furniture Manufacturing?

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, product sourcing from China and other developing economies has become extremely popular. Furniture is one of the top sectors in which Chinese manufacturers outpace those in any other part of the world, primarily because they can offer great designs at low prices.   How China has been Dominating

A Guide to Upcoming Furniture Fairs in China

China is still the leader when it comes to global furniture sourcing. China suppliers offer an enormous variety of home décor products at unbeatable rates. You can pick from a plethora of home décor accessories, home furniture solutions, and office furniture at highly competitive prices. If you’re contemplating China sourcing for procuring your furniture, furniture

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