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Auris Fakhruddin Hotel, Dubai

Auris Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments, Dubai by Excella Global The Auris Fakhruddin Hotel is a perfect venue for an exciting tropical getaway. This international hospitality brand partnered with Excella Global to source a wide range of unique and upscale décor solutions for their high-profiles suites. While comfort and luxury were a primary concern for the client, Excella’s priority

6 Essential Things To Keep In Mind During Renovations

Everyone wants their hotel stay to be comfortable whether they are on a vacation, or out for work. For those who are vacationing, amenities are important, and those away from work are looking for a home away from home. Whether staying at a luxury resort or a downtown hotel with easy access, at the very

5 Ways to Transform a Hotel Reception

A hotel is no longer just an establishment that provides mere accommodation, meals and other services to the various individuals visiting it. Today, it provides an experience, which (besides the obvious exterior) begins at the reception. Depending on how decadently it has been sculpted, your hotel’s reception can arouse awe in the hearts and minds

How to Select the Right Outdoor Furniture for Restaurants and Cafeterias

The furniture you choose for the outdoor spaces of your dining establishment is as important as the indoor items, perhaps more so when you take into account the beating it can take under a hot sun or pouring rain.   Here are Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind When You’re Shopping for Outdoor Restaurant

5 Most Expensive Homes Of The World

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most lavish homes look like? Would you like to know who the owners of these expensive and exquisite homes are? To end the anonymity, here is a quick rundown of the World’s priciest, plushest and palatial homes, castles, mansions and more:   #1 Buckingham Palace, London    

10 Leading Luxury Hotel Brands Around the World

We have compiled a list of high-end luxury hotels for travellers with a lavish taste. Take a glance at the world’s most recommended and resided hotels that offer excellent hospitality, fantastic amenities, and outstanding cuisines. #1 LA MAMOUNIA     This grand hotel redefines luxury living with its alluring Arab-Andalusian architecture and incredibly intoxicating hospitality.

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Furniture

From a California cottage to a chic corporate house, furniture forms a key element of every space. The right choice of furniture goes a long way in creating a comfortable, classy, and charming appeal. When looking for a furniture range that suits your style, be sure to check that it is a perfect blend of

5 Qualities that You Should Look for in a Sourcing Agent

For businesses looking to find high-quality goods at low costs, overseas outsourcing comes in very handy indeed. Many companies today, both large and small, use the services of an overseas sourcing manager or procurement agent to locate and transact with local suppliers on their behalf. This allows them to find the best products at highly

How to Build a Luxury Hotel on a Budget?

How to Build a Luxury Hotel on a Budget? Who doesn’t love staying in a luxury hotel? Comfort, elegance, opulence, extravagance, and hospitality, are the irresistible factors that draw people to a luxury hotel. For a customer, a stay in luxury hotels is revitalizing and thoroughly enjoyable; however the same cannot be said for the

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