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The Top Architects behind the Blueprints of 5 World Famous Architecture Projects

Architecture is one of mankind’s most iconic and long-lasting forms of art. So let’s draw some inspiration from the best architects of all time with a glance into their incredible works. 1. Frank Lloyd Wright // Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright is known for revolutionizing 20th Century architecture with his Midwestern taste and sensibility. When


Scandinavian Design Trends | Home Design Ideas | Excella Global

The revolution in the design industry had travelled really far from gothic or Victorian styles to modern and complementary styles. In this new era, the parameters of design have shifted from heavy textures, bold dark colours, and stately environment to simple, aesthetic, light interiors. Scandinavian modern furniture is the design that evolved during the 1950‘s


Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 | Ultraviolet | Excella Global

Life in this universe is sprinkled with the splash of colours that shapes our perception, choices and emotions. Unknowingly, colour plays a significant part in our lifestyle and relations. As such, the utilization of colours to simplify and enhance our life cannot be ignored.  This necessity of colour is brilliantly expressed by Pantone.   Pantone


Copper Home Décor | Home Accessories | Excella Global

Putting so much effort into designing your house, but at the end still feeling like something is missing?   Then you have got to try copper in your design. The metal is wreaking havoc in modern decor trend by illuminating the whole area with its shine and lustre. There are a thousand ways for decorating


Bohemian Home Décor | Excella Global

Image Source   Plants, patterns, prints, bright colours, knick-knacks all around, cosy cushions, filled-with-pictures wall, lights, hanging DIY crafts and many other elements that when imagined and decorated together gives any interior an earthly, domestic bohemian environment. Bohemian home décor basically reflects a care-free, laid-back vibe that mirrors the owner’s personality, passion and spirit. To


Creative Backyard Design Ideas for Your Home| Excella Global

The most vivid memories of our life come not from foreign lands, unfamiliar culture or famous persons, it comes from the front gates of our home, from the smell in our kitchen, from the mess in our bedroom and from the dirt of our backyard. Backyards represent that stress-free zone in our home where solace

Futuristic Floor Finishes for Changing Tastes and Innovative Design Concepts

Subway tiles, patterned hexagons, terra-cotta, carpets, and laminates are no more the first choice of homeowners who are now acquiring new tastes in flooring finishes. So whether you are giving a high-end home a facelift or designing an upscale abode from scratch, update the flooring in a manner that you make it to a popular

Why Interior Designers are Loving Instagram and How to Use it for Attracting Clients

If you are an interior designer, you need to be on Instagram – it is aesthetically driven, offers instant creative inspiration and ample opportunity to expand your professional network and advertise your expertise! The Business Benefits of Being on Instagram 1. Helps Build a Profitable Relationship Apart from being an excellent marketing tool, Instagram brings

The Art of Accessorizing Your Home like a Pro – Do’s and Don’ts

Accessorizing any space is typically the last step in the home staging process and while it can be all fun and exciting, even a small mistake at this stage can mean the difference between small and spacious or glum and grand. So, if you want the accessories and artwork to enhance the architecture and special

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