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There are big changes happening in the world of interior design right now, with older aesthetics becoming trendy again and newer ones getting phased out. Interior design trends 2018 are going to be the talk of the town for the rest of the year, and we fully expect to see them carry on into the next year as well.

Here are the top 6 trends to watch:


1. Curvier Furniture

Sharp and precise edges are being replaced with organic and flowing designs, especially in soft furniture pieces such as couches and armchairs. Softer lines and playful curves are also making an appearance in rugs, tables and other design elements. To avoid going overboard with this trend, carefully choose the location and application for curved pieces, and balance them with contrasting shapes.

2. Decorative Arches

Just like furniture, architectural elements such as windows, doorways, room dividers and pass-through spaces are being adorned with curves to soften their lines and make them more visually appealing. Simple as well as intricate arches have been popping up in interior decoration for all kinds of spaces in 2018, especially modern open space layouts for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

3. Bolder Colors

Neutrals will never completely go out of style, but they have taken center stage for long enough. This year, we’re seeing people break away from boring neutrals with bold and vibrant color palettes that catch the eye. If large statement pieces are not your thing, incorporate this trend in your next interior decoration project by pairing bold pillows, cushions, rugs and blankets with neutral furniture.

4. Wall Coverings

Printed and patterned wallpaper is making a comeback in home trends and designs this year, but with a focus on modern graphics and bold hues. Decorative wall coverings in geometric prints or designs inspired by nature are particularly in demand right now and will continue to be so throughout 2018. This is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to add a pop of color to interior home decoration!

5. Tranquil Spaces

In recent years, there has been a conscious effort to make both interiors and exteriors as inviting and restful as possible. In many cases, this is achieved by bringing elements of the outdoors inside, or repurposing found objects into interior design elements. Create a sense of peace with live plants, unpainted timber, vintage or antique accessories, jewel-toned furnishings and soothing nature-inspired patterns.

6. Global Sourcing

With increasing awareness about international luxury brands as well as affordability of sourcing material from anywhere in the world, designers are taking to the global marketplace for their interior projects. Working with a procurement specialist makes it easier to find the latest innovations and interesting products, and global sourcing is another trend that will continue through 2018 and far beyond.

If you want to incorporate the latest trends in your next project, our global sourcing specialist can help you find the materials and products you need. Contact us to learn more!

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agrawal is the Managing Director of Excella Global. Her electronics engineering background encourages her to be on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. She has a keen eye for architecture and design paired with the ability of recognizing trends that work, which allows her to put forward value for her readers in the content she creates. Her experience in the procurement and sourcing industry only adds to this.

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