Ten Ways Interior Designers Can Earn Extra Money

Interior design is a wonderful field of work where Interior designers can earn extra money, but it takes time to establish a reputation and bag high-paying clients.

How can you supplement your income till that happens?

Well, here are 10 effective ways to earn more money as an interior designer:

1. Consider Freelancing – Picking up a little work on the side never hurt, and freelance projects can bring in extra cash. If you’re employed with an interior design firm, though, check whether you’re allowed to offer the same services as the company does.

2. Create a Website – If you want to build your reputation as a design professional, you need a personalized website that lists your services and past projects. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but your worst mistake would be having no website at all.

3. Start a Design Blog – An interior design blog will not only help you get more exposure but also earn through display advertising and affiliate marketing. Blogging about your design ideas, inspiration and projects will keep your creative juices flowing as well.

4. Write for Others – In addition to blogging for yourself, offer to write for magazines or other interior design blogs as well. Many companies are willing to pay good money for copywriters who are familiar with their industry, so sell your skills!

5. One-Time Consultation – Offering your services as an interior design consultant is a good way to keep making steady money. Target homeowners who want to DIY their interiors or make small changes instead of tackling whole-house design projects.

6. Provide Virtual Design – Offer virtual design services such as mood boards, color palettes, design reviews, complete room design, etc. through your website. This builds your online portfolio along with creating an additional stream of income.

7. Boost Your Profits – There are many ways to increase profits, from charging higher rates to using more cost-effective materials for projects. You can also try upselling related services and products, or ask for a raise if you work for a design company.

8. Market Your Business – If you want higher-paying projects and more work, you need to invest in sales and marketing. Hire a good photographer, advertise on popular social media sites, and consider working with an online marketing agency as well.

9. Use Affiliate Programs – We mentioned affiliate marketing above, but this deserves more attention. By adding affiliate links to your blog, website or social media pages, you will receive a commission EVERY time someone makes a purchase through them!

10. Get Outsourcing Projects – Explore remote work opportunities with design companies that need specific services, such as inventory management or administrative tasks. This may not be a lot of fun but brings in extra income when work is slow.

Build your professional network by connecting with procurement specialists, architects and builders. This opens up opportunities for referrals, as well as services you will need on design projects. For instance, a global sourcing specialist like Excella Global can help you cut costs without compromising on quality.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you save – and earn – more!

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti Agrawal is the Managing Director of Excella Global. Her electronics engineering background encourages her to be on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better. She has a keen eye for architecture and design paired with the ability of recognizing trends that work, which allows her to put forward value for her readers in the content she creates. Her experience in the procurement and sourcing industry only adds to this.

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