Hardware & SS Railings

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We excel in procurement solutions for:

  • Front Door/Security Door
  • Privacy
  • Dummy
  • Bathroom

Hardware includes materials which are used to add protection, decoration and convenience to buildings. Hardware products are not used in the construction of buildings, but are crucial for their support. Usually, hardware supports basic structures like windows, doors and cupboards. Some of the most common hardware product examples are knobs, hinges, bolts, letter plates, etc.

We at Excella Global offer a vast range of high quality hardware available at affordable rates, which is selected and sourced from the best possible options from international markets.

Our sourcing solutions for hardware products provide an optimal blend of beauty and functionality for offices, HNI residences, hotels, residential real estate etc.

Fancy or simple, classy or elegant, we ensure that our services do not compromise on the aesthetics or functionality. So, contact us today!

Stainless Steel Railings
Stainless steel is an alloy, created with iron and chromium, as well as different amounts of silicon, carbon and manganese. There is a passive layer created with the chromium that forms a thin layer of oxide on the surface of steel, which protects the steel from corrosion, thereby making it robust and strong.

We excel in procurement solutions for:

  • Deck Top Mounted
  • Swimming Ladder
  • Hand Steel
  • Spa Steel
  • Exercise Bars
  • Customized Rails

Stainless steel railings and other supplies are extensively used in the construction industry, since they offer great safety and convenience for a wide range of applications. These include everything from swimming pools, staircase supports and access ladders for sewage treatment facilities, to exercise railings in homes, hotels, schools, clubs and gyms.

At Excella Global, we use our extensive experience in global sourcing to help you import high-quality stainless steel railing supplies at affordable rates from wholesale suppliers.

If you’re looking for stainless steel railings for residential or commercial projects, our team of procurement specialists at Excella can help you source exactly what you need from reliable suppliers. Get in touch and discuss your product sourcing requirements with us today!