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Artificial grass was primarily used to line sports arenas, but over the years, it has gained popularity for commercial and residential usage as well. This is because artificial grass can withstand heavy use and it virtually requires no maintenance. It’s technically possible to maintain an indoor lawn, but the cost would be prohibitively large, which is why clients prefer artificial turf. Today’s artificial grass features longer fibers with in-fills of recycled rubber granules and sand mixtures.

Excella Global offers you a wide variety of artificial grass suited for diverse areas such as gardens, pool surroundings, rooftop terrace gardens etc., so that you can relieve yourself from the hassles of maintaining a lawn yet have the look of a natural one.

Our team of global sourcing specialists helps you find the perfect color and texture that suits your existing landscape. Whether you want to install it indoors or outdoors, our suppliers have the right products to create the effect you desire.

All our artificial grass supplies are easy-to-lay, long-lasting and need negligible maintenance. You can choose from several types of textures and soothing shades of green to bring a space of your choice to life. Besides, our vast product portfolio also features internationally sourced exclusive paintings, artefacts and sculptures, etc. to enhance the ambience of various types of spaces. So contact us today for your global sourcing requirements.