Paintings evoke emotions and lend an appealing theme or tone to a room. They help in creating a focal point in any décor style and exude an artistic vibe. Whether you are looking for wall arts with a quirky vibe or unframed portraits with an understated aura, we have all your artistic needs covered.

At Excella Global, we offer paintings that create the right atmosphere for your residential as well as commercial spaces. Our generous selection of different styles, genres and periods of paintings are suitable for everyone and every budget. You can choose from the following types from our selection:

• Landscapes
• Still Life
• Real Life
• Portrait
• Religious
• Modern Art Style

Our team of global sourcing specialists works with trusted suppliers from across the world to bring you the most exclusive paintings at attractive rates.

Contact us to know more about the varied styles of paintings we source selectively from different countries which have a rich heritage seeped in art. We can help you procure the best no matter your taste and budget!