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Spa units or Jacuzzis and sauna rooms are perceived as more than just luxurious accessories today. They can work wonders on your physiological and psychological wellbeing. This is exactly why numerous commercial establishments in the hospitality sector are incorporating them to add value to their customer’s experience. Even the salon industry has transformed dynamically. The type of furniture supplies used in this sector today, have to be multi-functional and aesthetically appealing. Hence, highly-customized salon units are in great demand today.

Our global sourcing experts at Excella Global have carefully selected the best-in-line supplies for spas, Jacuzzis, sauna rooms and salons. Our vast product portfolio comprises portable spas such as ultra-portable vinyl-liner soft spa, roto-molded unicast hot tubs, acrylic spas, outdoor Jacuzzis, contemporary salon furniture including facial beds, salon chairs, shampoo stations and imported sauna supplies as well. We also offer customized solutions for every type of furniture requirements.

Our inventory is sourced directly from trusted brands through a strong network of reputed suppliers from across the globe. Every product that we import comes with an assurance of quality, durability, performance and is packed with features. So, shop with us and save big on imported supplies!