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The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, where the family spends a majority of its time together, creating memories that last for years, simply because food has such a direct connection to the heart.
Restaurants and hotels comparatively need a larger assortment of kitchen-related equipment enabling them to go beyond customer satisfaction and achieve customer delight through memorable dining experience. Even mid-sized to small cafes and office pantries cannot overlook the importance of kitchen supplies.

Product Portfolio of World-Class F&B Kitchen and Dining Supplies
Eating and drinking, whether with family and friends, or arranging the same for guests at your establishment, is nothing short of an occasion to be celebrated. At Excella Global, our world-class portfolio of Kitchen equipment ensures that every dining experience – be it in a personal set up or a professional establishment, is no less than an exquisite addition which celebrates food.

Here is an overview of our product categories:

  • Choose crockery of varied shapes, colors, sizes and textures. From raw, rustic looks to a classy and swanky appeal, we offer global solutions at competitive prices for crockery made from crystal, porcelain and glass.
  • Go for glassware ranging from wine glasses, champagne flutes, beakers and beer steins, to chalice glasses and even vases. We offer a diverse range of quality products which are exclusive and within your budget.
  • Cutlery can be decorative in both kitchens and dining rooms, apart from its multiple functions as per the various different types of courses served in a meal. It can also be used as display pieces that add style to your space when you’re serving up scrumptious meals whether at home or treating guests to a luxury dining experience in your restaurant.

No matter how delectable the food, presentation also matters a lot to satisfy all the senses of a diner. Take a look around our vast gallery of F&B Kitchen and Dining Supplies and get in touch with us if you require global sourcing solutions that will redefine cozy yet posh dining areas and gigantic kitchen spaces!


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