Mrs. Shruti Agrawal


Managing Director

Managing Director at Excella Global, Shruti is a strategist with an Electronics Engineering background and always on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better.

She ensures everyone at Excella are motivated, recognised for their fantastic work, has a clear career path and enjoys being at office. With a stack of serious qualifications and a desire for things to be flexible, fast and fluid, she seems destined to make clients wishes come true.

Shruti has her eye permanently fixed on the big picture whilst paying great attention to details while managing clients’ needs on a timely basis, balancing all of the elements of sourcing channel. She ensures that everything is in place, on brief and in time.

Her background has also helped her develop a clear understanding of social media and now drives the company’s social presence. She spends quality time figuring out Excella’s road map and making sure the company’s work is as good as it can be.

She gets to put her love of organisational skills into practice on a daily basis. Her meticulous attention to detail, along with planning and communication skills ensure all of her clients receive an exceptional level of service. She would be the first person you’ll probably interact with, provides quotes, handles questions, and keeps the team and processes organized.

She enjoys her work because she gets to make a difference in people’s lives. Always finding new things to do and loving a challenge, Shruti juggles projects, clients, and business travel. As travelling makes her happy, she enjoys different cultures, meeting new people and visiting new places.