Mr. Vivek Agrawal

Mr. Vivek Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Mr. Vivek Agrawal, the CEO and a seasoned industry professional who successfully develops strategic relationships with potential Clients on behalf of Excella Global. A young passionate entrepreneur with an experience of over a decade in various businesses like furniture, marbles, tiles, lightings, chemicals, fabrics; his unrivalled vision and leadership keeps the company and its quality of work top-notch.He started his career as a Marketing Executive in a private company selling dyes and chemicals while doing his graduation. He’s never short of ideas to build a Client’s project innovatively and is always first to tinker with the latest products and soak up all things new.

His passion for work, positive approach for learning new skills, vision for growth and development had made him to start the business of imports and sourcing exclusive products from China before 7 years at an individual level. He is mostly involved at the planning level of projects and maintains consistent presence throughout the project implementation cycle. He has the invaluable ability to translate a client’s goal into actionable strategy. He excels at articulating concepts and educating clients, so they can make empowered and informed business decisions.

His experience gives him a knack for understanding trends from the ground up and the foresight to carry those trends smoothly through various projects. He is also involved in ensuring that all of the project work and operational activities happen to the high standards that he has set for the company and its clients.

He is constantly looking to identify newer, more efficient ways and opportunities to better the direction of the company. His varied background allows him to make smart decisions from a business strategy perspective for his clients while fostering a creative environment for day-to-day operations for his employees.